What is Microsoft MSN (Microsoft Network) And The Services Provided By It?

With time, the MSN (Microsoft Network) has changed its services, and currently, it provides a lot of services such as news, weather, lifestyle, money, and many more.

So, what is MSN exactly?

MSN is a web portal that provides internet services as mentioned above.

Microsoft MSN Logo (Source: Wikipedia)

Back in 1995 when Microsoft launched it’s new operating system windows 95, the MSN was also launched in that year as a subscription-based dial-up online service that later became an Internet service provider named MSN Dial-up.

MSN Overview (Source: similarweb): MSN is most popular web portal and ranked 6th in the news and media category in April 2020.

Microsoft started collaborating with many other service provider to expand MSN portfolio in late 1990s such as MSN adCenter, MSN Shopping (affiliated with eBay, PriceGrabber and, and the Encarta encyclopedia with various levels of access to information.

Microsoft Internet Start was a default home page for Internet Explorer. And IE is an all in one place for Microsoft such as articles from Microsoft, news, sports, weather, software updates for windows, etc.

(Microsoft Internet Start in 1996)

Later on, it started some other services like Hotmail (now outlook), messenger (replaced by Skype) and also, web search engine as bing.

As of May 2005, was the second most visited portal website in the United States with a share of 23.2 percent, behind Yahoo! which held a majority.

What Happened When Microsoft Started Re branding of Services (MSN to Windows Live)?

In 2005 and 2006, Microsoft was running a campaign as “Windows Live” to improve its online services using windows brand name.

Earlier, Microsoft was maintaining under a single brand name whether it’s a software department or web services but due to competition in market, it overhauled software and services.

The group of Windows Live services used Web 2.0 technology to offer features and functionality through a web browser that were traditionally only available through dedicated software programs.

Original BrandRe-Branded
MSN HotmailWindows Live Hotmail (now
MSN MessengerWindows Live Messenger (now Integrated Into Skype)
MSN AlertWindows Live Alert
MSN Virtual EarthLive Search Map (now Bing Maps)
MSN SearchLive Search (now known as Bing)
MSN GroupWindows Live Group

At Present, Comprises The Services

Microsoft msn
MSN Home Page 2020

In the image above, we can clearly see, at top, we have, Microsoft Store, Shopping and social network website and other services link as well.

  • News: The latest news headlines and articles from a variety of hand-picked sources. Synced with the News app.
  • Weather: Current weather conditions, forecasts, maps, news, and traffic. Synced with the Weather app.
  • Entertainment: TV, movies, music, and celebrity news, as well as theater showtimes, tickets, and TV listings. Based on the former Bing Entertainment service. It also includes the MSN Games website for online casual games.
  • Sports: Up-to-the-minute scores, standings, and headlines from leagues worldwide. Synced with the Sports app.
  • Money: Stock market tickers and watchlists, personal finance, real estate, investments, currency converter, and more. Synced with the Money app.
  • Lifestyle: Headlines, features, and other content related to style, home & garden, family, smart living, relationships, and horoscopes.
  • Health & Fitness: Tools and information about weight loss, strength, exercise, nutrition, medicine, and more.
  • Food & Drink: Recipes, cooking tips, news from chefs, cocktails, and shopping lists.
  • Travel: Destinations, trip ideas, hotel search, flight search, flight status, and arrivals and departures. Previously based on Farecast.
  • Autos: Research and buying advice, auto-related news, information for enthusiasts, and coverage of auto shows worldwide.
  • Video: Trending and viral videos, comedy and pop culture, and videos from other MSN categories. Integrates with video search from Bing Videos.

Microsoft MSN Popular Application in Details

MSN Weather:

Popularly know as Bing Weather, provide the weather forecast for your current location and also, you can select/search the location to check the weather condition.

This application receives weather updates from the multiple sources and provide you the best possible service. It also synchronize with your Microsoft account if logged in and show you the customized weather condition exclusively for you.

MSN Sports:

Originally known as Bing Sports, provides you the latest scores, standing from all over the world at one place. It has multiple sources for the information and displays at it’s home page.

MSN Sports exclusively covers all the major US sports such as NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, etc.

MSN News:

MSN news is the most popular application among these apps and comparatively, it has more web traffic than other apps.

It’s a news aggregator client side application, means it summon all the news from the different news sources and shows you the most relevant news.

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