“Hey Google, make a group call” now on Nest Hub Max

Google Assistant is a part of Google search based on artificial intelligence and you can use it to call, search etc by voice command.

Google’s “Nest Hub Max” is a smart home product which got a new feature “group call”. Until now, you can make a call on one-to-one only in via Google Duo and Google Meet but with this roll out, you can make a group call with a simple voice command.

“Hey Google, Make a Group Call”

Now it’s possible for a group video call with Next Hub Max. You just need to create a group for your family, friends, colleague, etc and just instruct with a voice command like “Hey Google, make a group call” and tap to the group you want to make a call up to 32 people, so simple, isn’t it?

“Hey Google, join my next meeting”

As a part of group call, with Nest Hub Max, you can join your next meeting from Google Duo or Google Meet with up to 100 people.

You can also try “Hey Google, start a meeting” and you just need to enter the meeting code. It could be any, meeting with friends, family, games, etc.

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