What is Google News And How To Use It? A Beginners Guide.

Getting the most relevant news in your inbox is not easy in a single window. You need to have multiple sources and where news aggregator comes into the picture.

News Aggregator is a web application/client software that aggregates web content such as a blog, an online newspaper, podcast, etc in one location.

Google News is a news aggregator that brings the most relevant web content for you according to your search history or setting.

It is powered with the sophisticated artificial intelligence behind it backed by the Google itself.

Why Google News?

It covers 50,000+ news sources worldwide and counting on and available in more than 30+ languages by 2013 which makes it one of the most popular news aggregators. By Sep 2018, it is available in 127 countries and in 65 languages.

[Google News Languages till 2013]

Majority of the users may speak one or more of these languages and you can read google news articles in your preferred language.

[Google News Home Page]

How Google News Decide Which Articles To Be Shown?

Google staff manually list! Not at all. Thanks to the AI which made it possible to select the articles and list as per the relevancy. Simply, it’s Google Algorithm that decides what to be shown.

And google algorithm is very sophisticated as it has more than 200 ranking factors and the main factors are explained here below.

  • Freshness: As Google News gives priorities to the latest/fresh article, there is a chance of listed new articles more than the old article.
  • Relevance: It’s a wide term actually. relevance has subfactors(search history, language, location, etc) also and combining these subfactors list the stories that you see in the Top stories.
  • Authoritativeness: Website or Domain Authority is the key factor that plays a main role while deciding which articles to be shown by Google News.
  • Location: If you are searching about share market from New York location, the chances of getting news are from your localities first, the US, and later on, other countries.
  • Interest: Google News gives you an option to customize accordingly, it shows you the articles. The “For you” is all about your set preferences news.
  • Prominence: You must have heard trending articles/topics. Articles that cover the key topic that is trending currently will be surfaced first.

Google News Context

  • Top Stories: By default, top stories are the dashboard when you open Google News. All the trending articles will be shown here of the day. From the left tab list, you can select the category: Country, Business, Technology, Sports Entertainment, Science, etc.
  • For You: This section gave you the latest news made only for you. Google News takes preference from your past read news, searched topic, and even from the searched product.
  • Following: The following tab contains the topic, location, and the source list that you have selected while setting up.

Google News Beyond The Headlines

Last year, Google introduced “Beyond The Headlines” that covers in-depth stories of the key issues and the topics like, environment, heath system, etc.

In this section, a specific topic covered in details and goes beyond the daily news articles.

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