Google Chrome OS Android Like Share sheet

Android is the most successful open-source OS(operating system) and it has the ability to share anything whether apps, file, photo, video, link, text from one app to another.

And, Chrome OS is ready to add the same feature between the app and all the credibility goes to upcoming “Share-sheet”.

Google chrome is also going to replace the core inbuilt sharing option with “Sharing hub” or “Sharesheet” that includes the screenshot or a QR code to share.

Currently, Chrome OS doesn’t have the option to share between or through the different apps although have access from Android, Linux, and soon from windows as well. With this new sharesheet, everything will change soon.

Recent sources says, the chrome OS sharesheet will be very similar for the chrome android’s sharing hub that will offer a list of option “sharing Action”.

Officially, there’s no confirmation but we are just guessing it may come with the apps that you install will have the option of share action.

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