Apple WWDC 2020: Check Out The Biggest Announcement

Apple’s annual conference will be held till June 26, 2020, virtually and we have already seen the biggest announcements till now.

Apple WWDC 2020 (Source: Tech Insider)

1. Apple iOS 14: A Major Update Ever in iOS history

Apple iOS 14 Home Screen update

WWDC 2020 brought a major update in the iOS 14 which is one of the most anticipated news and here we’re now.

With iOS 14, now we can customize the home screen widget and the interesting fact is, there are different sizes of the home screen apps means, we can have more data-rich experience with the home screen. Also, we can add more from the widget gallery.

Secondly, it also adding the App library that automatically organize your apps based on the type of the applications, quiet amazing right it’s like auto arrangement.

And finally, picture-in-picture(PiP). It’s not a new technology, many have already adopted such as WhatsApp, YouTube, etc but it will be very useful when you work on multiple task at a time. You just need to swipe, it will minimize and you can do what ever you want while playing video/music.

Apple’s Own Processor For Future Computer

ARM-based processor

We all know Intel’s processors are the most used in almost all computer/Phone brands and Apple is one of them. But Apple confirmed that it is transiting its mac laptop and desktop computer to it’s own ARM based processors.

Means, it will use the same chip which is used in the iPhone/iPad. At the same time, there will be a huge shift in software as well.

With this, Apple may face the problem of third party apps compatibility and it may ship its first own chip made based computer by end of the year, said Tim Cook CEO.

Apple is making it possible to run apps made for Intel-based apps on the new Macs, as well as apps from other environments, like Linux. Additionally, thanks to using custom hardware, it can even run iPhone and iPad apps, which is a huge deal, to say the least.

Apple Pencil Handwriting Better Experience With iPADOS 14

Scribble is the news feature by Apple that allow you to write in any field with the help of Apple pencil after that, it will automatically converted into the text.

And this will be detected automatically by the context type that you write in any field like phone number, address, etc. Also, you can write in multiple languages.

The Changes Coming To iPADOS 14

As we saw, the major changes is like widget and it’s the same for iPADOS as well but it’s still not clear that the same ability to that of iPhone.

Apple is also redesigning the search on iPAD and it’s more or less looks exactly o macOS. It will help you to find the apps, contacts, search on the web and many more. Also, its working on the sidebar that will enrich the user experience.

AIRPOD: Seamless switch Devices

The software running on AIRPOD will also get some updates that help you to connect automatically paired devices and start playing audio. There’s no need to connect manually.

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